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Schleibrücke Kappeln


Schleibrücke Kappeln

Welding and the application of protective coating under water

Nordseetaucher was contracted by Hochtief AG, through their Civil Engineering and Construction North office, to assist on the "Schleibrücke Kappeln" bridge-building project. For the very first time, load-bearing seams were welded under water with an a-dimension of up to 10 mm.

The engineering firm Schönfeld, in Preetz, was responsible for technical acceptance of the weld seams and coating measures on ground and under water.

Welding work comprised the following:

  • 16 joint connections with an a-dimension of 5 and 7 mm
  • 4 cross-over points with an a-dimension of 5 mm
  • 84 compression flanges with an a-dimension of 10 mm

The protective coating work comprised the following:

230 m² sheet pile wall using the products Leco UW- D10 and Leco UW-H4 manufactured by Lestin, Austria.

These products are certified and approved by the certification company Det Norske Veritas, Norway.