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Sewage Systems


Sewage Systems

Inspection and rehabilitation of sewage systems

Building a new sewage system in Berlin


In Berlin pressurised air was used dig the DN 3200 manhole shafts to the required depth. As the drive shaft was located immediately next to tram tracks and there was a danger of the road subsiding, it was decided to sink the shaft using compressed air.  read more »

2002 - Magdeburg


The present length of the public sewage network in Magdeburg, the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, is around 950 kilometres.  read more »

2003 - Brooktorhafen


Rehabilitation of the double culver at Brooktorhafen with DN 2000 pipe relining  read more »

Rehabilitation of culverts using pipe lining


Rehabilitation of culverts using pipe lining  read more »