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Port of Lindø, Denmark: sheet pile repair


Port of Lindø, Denmark: sheet pile repair

Odense klein

During the construction of the new harbor section at the Port of Lindø in Munkebo, Denmark, large stones and clayey soil made it difficult to set the sheet piles. These were severely damaged during driving and there were many sheet pile lock cracks.

NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH inspected the damage, took measurements and prepared documentation, on the basis of which a concept and drawings of the damage could be prepared. The sheet pile lock jumps were mainly located in the sheet pile valleys at 11 m depth. It was therefore possible to weld reinforcing steel in the valleys, which extended from the bottom to 50 cm above the damaged area. A steel plate was then placed and welded in front of the respective valley, which was then flushed 30 cm into the ground and extended 30 cm above the top of the reinforcing bars. Subsequently, the valley was filled with concrete so that the damaged areas were sealed and no more washouts could take place.

Furthermore, our diving team supported the installation of the 40 GEWI anchors. First, the anchor plates were installed and welded at different depths from -4m to -7m. After the installation and 3 layer welding of the anchor plates, the drill was aligned in the anchor plates. Following the drilling, the packer was installed in the guide tube, and a steel plate was placed over it, as well as the nut for tightening. At five damaged areas, the damage was so extensive that an upstream sheet pile wall had to be installed. Reinforcing steel and lateral plating were also installed and welded to this. Finally, the cavities were filled with concrete.

An upstream sheet pile wall had to be additionally stabilized. For this purpose, four (i.e. a total of eight) platings were welded in 3 layers to the neighboring sheet piles in a length of 7.5 m on each side. After completion of the welding work, the weld lines on the anchor plates and on the build-up plates were inspected and certified by a welding engineer.