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Building a new sewage system in Berlin


Building a new sewage system in BerlinMain headline here...

in cooperation with Gildemeister Rohrleitungsbau GmbH

In Berlin pressurised air was used dig the DN 3200 manhole shafts to the required depth. As the drive shaft was located immediately next to tram tracks and there was a danger of the road subsiding, it was decided to sink the shaft using compressed air.

An intermediate layer of clay made the ground difficult to penetrate and slowed work down. The task of our divers was to excavate, insert concrete liners and weld the pipe sleeve for the jacking pipe. Die Arbeiten wurden mit dem maƟgenauen DurchstoƟ des Vortriebrohres durch die Manschette

The airlock was positioned over the shafts, completely sealed and the pressure was then increased. The increased pressure resulted in a decrease in the groundwater level, i.e. it was pressed into lower soil layers. The ground uncovered this way was excavated to the required depth. Once the shaft had reached the required depth the airlock was removed and the divers laid a layer of cement over the base, which was again covered by groundwater.