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Welding & Preservation

Welding & Preservation

Howaldswerke Deutsche Werft AG

Rehabilitation of Berths 7, 9 and 11

The sheet piling around berths 7, 9 and 11 had become so rusty and weak in places that urgent repair and rehabilitation work was required.

The sheet piling walls were reinforced with facings consisting of 10mm steel panels.

These facing panels were connected to the existing sheet piling with welded floor panels using T-profile brackets.

The reinforced concrete capping beam of the existing sheet pile overlapped in places by approx. 43cm.

The cavities were filled with concrete. All panels were connected by a grid of welded steel brackets.

The entire area up to the lower edge of the capping beam was repaired.

The old timber fenders including all mounts attaching them to the sheet piling were removed and replaced with new fenders made of bongossi timber.

Berth 7 after completion

Before work commenced the sheet piling underwater and above the surface and the lower edges of the capping beams were cleaned with a high-pressure 400 bar spray gun.


Holes in the sheet piling were patched with panels welded on underwater.


Before the underwater B 25 concrete was pumped in, the sheet piling trenches were cleaned with high-pressure spray guns.


The underwater concrete was pumped in from below using a special pipe welded to the piling panels.

Berth 9 after completion

Berth 11 after completion