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Wind measurement mast at Amrumbank West


Wind Measurement Mast Amrumbank West, North Sea in April 2005

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The Amrumbank West sandbank is located approx. 36 km south-west of the island of Amrum in the North Sea. Nordseetaucher was contracted by the Messmast-Amrumbank West consortium to position the wind measurement mast under the supervision of Hochtief Construction AG.

The monopile prior to lowering and being rammed into position.

The measurement mast consists of a monopile, a measurement chamber and a lattice mast on which a variety of measurement instruments are mounted to collect data on wind conditions, waves, the weather and other factors.

The monopile is a 70-metre high steel pole with a diameter ranging from 2 to 3.5 metres.

Measurement mast firmly secured in its final position and ready for use

The measurement chamber contains all the internal measurement and control instruments.

Numerous measurement units are mounted on the 60-metre lattice mast.

The measurement mast was rammed 23 metres into the sandbank, which is located 22 metres below the surface of the water.

The tip of the mast is 90 metres above sea level and is capable of withstanding wind velocities of up to 110 km/h and waves as high as 17 metres.

The measurements are made at eight different heights by more than 30 measurement units spread out between the tip of the mast and the seafloor.

The dive base ship Aurelia, owned by Research Shipping GmbH, was used as a base for all diving work, which was carried out with the Nordseetaucher diving bell.

MS "Aurelia"

The dive bell being lowered.

The mast was towed from Bremerhaven to out location in the North Sea by a tug operated by the Fairplay shipping company.

The mast was positioned using the MEB-JB 1 lifting platform from Muhibbah Marine Engineering GmbH.

Site security services were provided by Research Shipping and Esvagt on behalf of Nordseetaucher with the vessels "Victor Hensen" and "Esvagt Charly".

MS "Esvagt Charly"

MS "Victor Hensen"