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Offshore Salvage

Champagner Wrack JÖNKÖPING


On 3 November 1916, the "Jönköping", a Swedish schooner which was built in 1896, was on its way from Gävle to Raumo - then part of the Russian Empire - when it was intercepted and sunk by the German submarine “U 22”. Two thirds of the ship’s cargo, which was destined for the Tsar’s army, consisted of Bordeaux and cognac. There were also fifty cases of champagne in the hold, each containing 100 bottles.  read more »

ARIANE V, Mission 517


One project completed as part of our ongoing cooperation with IMS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Hamburg, the general contractor, and the Centre National d‘Etudes Spatiales (CNES) Toulouse, was the recovery of the Ariane V Mission 517 booster rockets from the sea off the coast of French Guiana in Central America. Ariane 5 Mission 517 was launched on 11 December 2002.  read more »

ARIANE V, Mission 537


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MY Pankratz


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MY Ganymedes


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