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Europipe II


Europipe II

From 1993 to 1995, Nordseetaucher GmbH played an important part in the laying of Europipe I and II between the North German islands of Baltrum and Langeoog.

When the time came to link up the EURO II pipeline from Norway with the Euro II, which was completed in 1994 and is located 12 nautical miles off the German coast close to the island of Langeoog, we were contracted by the Norwegian oil company Statoil to work on the project together with the Norwegian arm of Halliburton and the British company EMC - European Marine Contractors.

Our task – at a depth of 23 metres – was to measure the pipeline and to fit the clamps in exactly predefined positions. Accuracy was essential, because after the clamps had been laid the pipelay vessel “Semac” lifted both pipelines out of the water and welded them together above the surface. We used a frame (assembly cage), specially constructed for Nordseetaucher, to fit the clamps.

The supply ship "Neftegaz 66" was specially fitted for this job in the port of Emden. Nordseetaucher’s own dive unit was mounted to the stern of the ship. The unit consists of the dive bell, A-frame, a machine house with its own power and air supply, a separate depressurisation chamber and a dive supply container.

The divers were equipped with warm-water heated suits and helmets with video monitoring and communication devices, as well as depth measuring equipment.

The job was completed in 1 ½ months and on 1st October 1999 gas from Norway started flowing through EURO II to Germany.