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Port of Lindø, Denmark: sheet pile repair

Odense klein

During the construction of the new harbor section at the Port of Lindø in Munkebo, Denmark, large stones and clayey soil made it difficult to set the sheet piles. These were severely damaged during driving and there were many sheet pile lock cracks.  read more »

Hamburg: Elbphilharmonie Baubericht Entnahmebauwerk


Im Auftrag der Hochtief Building GmbH, Am Sandtorkai 73 in Hamburg, wurden von der Firma NORDSEETAUCHER GmbH die Entnahmebauwerke (Schächte) mit der Elbe durch Rohrleitungen verbunden. Bauzeit war in 2008 und von 2011 bis Mai 2015.  read more »

Kiel/Holtenau: Ausbau und Verbringung des Schiebetors


Am Montag des 20. Februar 2018 um 23.50 Uhr konnte das 149 m lange Containerschiff „Akacia“ nicht rechtzeitig stoppen und kollidierte mit dem Tor der Süd Schleuse in Kiel Holtenau.  read more »



Mining activities are in decline, and not only in Germany. Mines are being closed down all over the world. But what exactly happens to the tunnels, galleries and shafts? Occasionally, stories surface in the press about abrupt subsidence or, as recently happened in France, the flooding of cellars in houses located in a valley in a former mining region. In March 2004, Nordseetaucher was contracted by INSERBAT of Forbach, France, to investigate the cause of the increasing water pressure in the vicinity of a decommissioned mine.  read more »

Geotextiles in Hydraulic Engineering


Geotextiles are commonly used as cost-effective construction materials in hydraulic engineering. Over the past decades, woven and non-woven textiles, geogrids and composite materials have emerged to play a key role in canal and waterway engineering, the construction of man-made lakes, barrage engineering and coastal protection. They perform a wide range of tasks, including separation, filtration, drainage, protection, packaging, reinforcement and sealing.  read more »

Longitudinal bisection of a floating dock


The 7,500 tdw floating dock at the Schichau Seebeck shipyard in Bremerhaven was built in 1964; due to the gradual closure of shipyards it had not been used for many years. In 1986 the dock was lengthened by 30 metres and widened by 6.6 metres, meaning that it no longer fitted through the Fishing Port lock. The dock was put up for sale and a buyer was found. The challenge faced by the engineering firm contracted to arrange the handover was to establish the exact cutting procedure for the longitudinal bisection to enable the dock to be moved. Nordseetaucher was contracted to carry out all cutting work above and below water.  read more »

Schleibrücke Kappeln


Nordseetaucher was contracted by Hochtief AG, through their Civil Engineering and Construction North office, to assist on the "Schleibrücke Kappeln" bridge-building project. For the very first time, load-bearing seams were welded under water with an a-dimension of up to 10 mm.  read more »

Renewing the slide rails at the Leer Sea Lock


The Seeschleuse Leer consortium, which consisted of Bitek Bergungsdienst GmbH and Nordseetaucher GmbH, won a contract in 2001 to renew the slide rails at the Leer sea lock.  read more »

Last descent into the potash mine Conow


A few months ago, we received an enquiry whether it would be possible to clear a mine shaft underwater, build a steel platform and then a cement bridge, and if it was feasible, what tools and materials would we need.  read more »