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Technical Reports

Hyperbaric Tunneling

Diving and Compressed Air Work in Tunnel-Boring-Machines


Below a depth of 40 metres (which equals 4.0 bars over pressure) compressed air technicians enter a zone where it is no longer effective to carry out compressed air work under conventional conditions. However, because the next generation of tunnels will be longer and deeper than anything we have at present, it can only be a matter of time and opportunity before divers and compressed air technicians start playing a key role in hyperbaric work.  read more »

Diving in Bentonite


To allow manned interventions to be carried out in the bentonite, special flanged connections were installed in the pressure walls of the tunnel boring machines.  read more »

Diving and Working in Saturation Conditions


To enable divers and engineers to survive and work under these conditions requires a pressurised living chamber consisting of a number of rooms outside of the tunnel zone.  read more »

Hybrid 600 UW - Hyperbaric - Hyperbaric Welding Equipment


600 A electronically regulated welding power source for welding and cutting in wet and dry hyperbaric environment..  read more »



Summary of knowledge Articles on hyperbaric work.  read more »