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Hyperbaric Tunneling

The 4th River Elbe Crossing Tunnel Project in Hamburg - Germany


Shield tunnelling started from the entry shaft on the south side of the Elbe in Waltershof. The tunnel went under the Elbe and the north bank of the Elbe to emerge in the reception shaft in Othmarschen.  read more »

The Westerschelde Tunnel Project - The Netherlands - Mix-Gas-Saturation


The bores of the tunnel under the River Westerschelde in the Netherlands were driven using the hydroshield tunnelling method with subsequent segment lining. The tunnel diameter was 11.33 metres and the two bores were each 6,600 metres long.  read more »

The River Weser Road Tunnel Project - Germany


The tunnel was lined with reinforced concrete segments. Each ring consists of 6 standard segments and one key. The segments are 0.50 metres thick and 1.50 metres wide; each weighs approx. 11 metric tonnes.  read more »

Mompas San Sebastian Tunnel Project - Spain


Nordseetaucher GmbH was contracted by Herrenknecht to replace the cutting tools in the cutter head in conjunction with their engineers.  read more »

The Nanjing Yangtze River Road Tunnel Project - China


The Nanjing Yangtze River Crossing Tunnel is a 2.990 km long twin tube crosses the river Yangtze in Nanjing, China. Two Slurry-TBMs (Ø 14.96 m) are in use to excavate the tunnel in soft alluvium strata.  read more »

Esfahan Metro Tunnel Project - Iran


The Esfahan Metro Tunnel is a 4.550 km long twin tube between Shohada Aquare and Azadi Aquare. The west and the east tunnel crosses the river Zayandehrood in the south of Esfahan, Iran.  read more »

CRCC 15th Bureau Guangshengang Railway Tunnel Project


CRCC 15th Bureau Guangshengang Railway Tunnel Project  read more »

Eurasia Tunnel – Bosporus Crossing - Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project - Mix-Gas-Saturation


Eurasia Tunnel – Bosporus Crossing - Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project  read more »

Ismailia Road Tunnels under the Suez Canal


Suez Canal Road Tunnels Ismailia-Egypt S-958 / S-960  read more »