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Hyperbaric Tunneling

Hyperbaric Tunneling

Hyperbaric Cutting and Welding

Nanjing Yangtze River Crossing Tunnel - China


The Nanjing Yangtze River Crossing Tunnel is a 2.990 m long twin tube crosses the river Yangtze in Nanjing, China. Two Slurry-TBMs (Ø 14.96 m) are in use to excavate the tunnel in soft alluvium strata. The strata are mainly silt and fine sand.  read more »

Esfahan Metro Tunnel Project - Iran


The Esfahan Metro Tunnel is a 4.550 km long twin tube between Shohada Aquare and Azadi Aquare. The west and the east tunnel crosses the river Zayandehrood in the south of Esfahan, Iran.  read more »

Beijing Railway Tunnel - China


Images and Project Description as PDF download (613KB)  read more »