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Hyperbaric Equipment for Charter and Sale

Nordseetaucher GmbH is offering a "HAUX Life Support" - Containerized Hyperbaric- and Diver Treatment Chamber as well as a "POBS" - Portable Oxygen Breathing System for charter or to buy.

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HAUX Life Support

Containerized Hyperbaric- and Diver Treatment Chamber
with Spray Fog Fire Fighting System

HAUX Schema

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HAUX Life Support

Medical Locks of the type HAUX-STARMED/KD are used worldwide on tunnelling and construction sites mainly as a modular container-integrated system. This hyperbaric treatment chamber is used for emergency treatment of workers and divers with decompression sickness. The standard HAUX-STARMED / KD- systems have a diameter of 2,000 mm and a maximum operating pressure of 5 bar according to 50 meters depth.


Max. Design Pressure 5,5 bar
Max. Working Pressure 5,0 bar
Max. Test Pressure 8,25 bar
Main Chamber Capacity 3 seating or 2 lying persons
Ante Chamber Capacity 2 seating persons
Chamber Diameter 2000 mm
Length of Main Chamber 2200 mm
Length of Ante Chamber 1000 mm
Length over all, incl. control panel approx. 4000 mm
Width over all approx. 2020 mm
Height over all, incl. illumination units 2145 mm

Main Chamber Volume 6.800 l
Ante Chamber Volume 3.100 l

Material Mild Boiler Steel H II
Number of Doors 3 pieces
Rectangular Door (MC-direct access) 1500 mm x 600 mm
Circular Door, free diameter (AC-direct / MC-AC) 700 mm
Number of Windows in MC (Wall MC/AC and AC/MC door) 3
Window Free Diameter (cylinder wall + doors) 200 mm
Supply Lock (MC-control-panel-side 1
free diameter 200 mm
free length 300 mm
volume approx. 9 l

NATO/STANAG/DIN-Bayonet-Flange (female)
for connection of Rescue Chamber
1 arranged at AC-access
Electrical Connection 230/400 Volt 50 Hz
Electrical Consumtion approx. 4000 Watt
Certification DNV GL
Weight, chamber complete equipped approx. 14.500 kg
Entrance and Control Panel
Treatment Area to the Entrance
Treatment Area to the Ante Chamber
HAUX inside Container
HAUX inside its container

POBS - Portable Oxygen Breathing System

Utility Model DE 20 2005 014 078

POBS Schema

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The portable oxygen breathing system is a solution for pressure chambers where fragile mask and communication connections are not permanently needed. For example locks built into tunnel boring machines, where the lock is mostly used to transfer marterials into the head of the machine. The portable oxygen breathing system can easily be taken out of the pressure chamber when it is not in use for decompression. The system can provide up to three masks with oxygen, and has communication connections built in for a 3-channel communication set.

Features and information

Portable Oxygen distribution system for 3 masks includes:
  • Heavy duty transport box, complete with integrated panel, consisting an aluminium anodized control panel, with line diagrams, pictograms, as well as 3 x inhalation and exhalation breathing regulators with a free flow adjustment knob, all with inhalation and exhalation isolation valves.
  • The interface hoses between the oxygen inlet and the oxygen outlet system, length each hose 3 meters, and complete with phosphor bronze swaged fittings.
  • The chamber wall penetrations with control valves
  • Oxygen inhalation and exhalation hoses with a length of 45 meters
  • 1 x high pressure oxygen regulator; 1 x oxygen BIBS vacuum controller; 1 x low pressure reducer in the control panel
  • Exhaust vacuum system which makes it possible to exhale at shallow depths, and this exhaust vacuum control system will be installed in an ABS heavy duty transport case (identical to the oxygen panel which is used for the portable oxygen control panel)
  • All quick connectors on the oxygen control- as well as vacuum panels-, as well as on the hoses-, will be provided with blind caps/protective caps
All fitted together to a full working system.
The breathing masks to be connected to the portable oxygen system
  • We supply “Sea Long” resuscitation masks with a soft wearing comfort, better than the most other masks on the market.
  • The mask comes complete with a 90 degrees hose adaptor, and the headgear.
  • Also masks are designed for long term use, and can be disinfected easily.
The communication system for the oxygen breathing masks:
  • The technician wearing a throat microphone, which has to be mounted around the neck / throat, by means of a small rubber strap
The communication box:
  • The communication box is a transportable box with handgrip, and front lid to be installed at the position of the lock attendant or supervisor.
  • The communication box is provided with a 220 volt power supply, as well as a rechargeable battery.
  • Further the system is provided with volume controls, electrical connectors for the power leads running from the chamber to the diver communication box.
  • The length of the connection cable between the man lock and the communication system is up to 45 meters, and will delivered complete with a electrical through hull penetrator, which has to be installed in the chamber wall.
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